MEDIA VISION resumes a partnership with MM Technologie

april 13, 2020
MEDIA VISION resumes a partnership with MM Technologie

It is with great pleasure to announce that MM Technologie has rejoined the MEDIA VISON family by becoming the Exclusive Manufacture Representative in Eastern Canada once again. MM Technologie will continue MEDIA VISION strong presence in the government, education, and corporate sectors in Eastern Canada while collaborating with our alliance partners, the CM TECH Group of companies, by offering a national presence to our AV integrator partners with the most unique and reliable integrated conferencing solutions in the market today.


"With MM Technologie, we have a long track record of successful large-scale projects in university auditoriums, corporate multipurpose meeting rooms, and city halls throughout Eastern Canada" says Annabelle Zabetian, President of Media Vision, "Our renewed collaboration is now a matter of choosing the right expertise in conference and interpreting technology solutions and building national synergies to best support our partners"


Media Vision is widely recognized for its expertise in advanced conference and multimedia microphone systems, and for being at the forefront of language interpreting technologies. The company's edge also lies in its unique focus on the bilingual English-French audiovisual markets. Media Vision has successfully expanded its activities across North America and Europe, currently having offices and dedicated support teams in the United States, France, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.


"We are happy that we have rejoined Media-Vision family as their representatives for Eastern Canada." mentions Ronnie Forgione, Principal with MM Technologie. "To be able to represent such great products, solutions, and especially working with such a great team, will only help us continue the momentum that Media Vison has in Eastern Canada and growing it in becoming the #1 conference system solution provider in Canada."


MM Technologie has represented marketing leading manufactures and technologies since 2010 but offers over 3 decades of experience in the education, corporate, government, transportation, and industrial markets.  The company brings a strong technical and professional approach to the AV/IT Integration, Broadcast, Video Projection and Pro-Audio industries that many AV partners depend on daily.



Media Vision is a leading provider of professional audio solutions that improve intelligibility and participation for effective meetings. Our solution range includes wired, wireless and multimedia conference microphone systems, simultaneous interpreting, assistive listening, and a multilingual videoconferencing solution. Supported by a dedicated product engineering team, delivering local support, Media Vision works with system integrators and consultants to design the best system configuration and ensure impeccable project delivery.




For close to 2 decades, MM Technologie has brought over 30 years of expertise in AV/IT Integration, Broadcast, Video Projection and Pro-Audio industries to the Canadian Market.  The company bring value to each AV Partner with the precise and responsive approach from the simplest to the most complex project.  MM Technologie, founding partner of the CM Tech Group, helps bring the Canadian industry a unified sales, support and knowledge across a culturally and geographically diverse nation.


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