USB KVM in the Next Generation of TPS Extenders

april 14, 2020
USB KVM in the Next Generation of TPS Extenders

Introducing the newest members of Lightware's acclaimed TPS extender family. The new UMX-TPS-TX140K and the HDMI-TPS-RX220AK adds USB KVM capability to the workflow.

Lightware's TPS extenders allow users to seamlessly extend even 4K@60Hz signals, balance audio and control over distances up to 170 m using a single CAT cable, making these devices particularly useful for applications such as conference rooms, educational spaces, control rooms and even home cinema applications.

The new editions are now enhanced with USB KVM compatibility, allowing users to utilise controls via Keyboard & Mouse in a point-to-point extension between these devices.

On the top of this improvement, both the UMX-TPS-TX140K and the HDMI-TPS-RX220AK are capable to be integrated into Cisco VC rooms with controls thanks to the built-in Event Manager and to the Advanced Control Feature pack.

Check out the new features and possibilities offered by these recently released TPS extenders






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