Connecting People to Through Extraordinary Audiovisual Experiences

28 janvier 2021
Connecting People to Through Extraordinary Audiovisual Experiences

New for 2021, BIAMP's latest products provide comprehensive audiovisual solutions with streamlined designs, enabling greater communication than ever before.


Next Generation Meeting Room Signal Processors

The TesiraFORTə X Series is the next generation of open architecture conference room signal processors. Combining the core functionality of the current TesiraFORTÉ line, along with the capabilities of TesiraCONNECT™ TC-5D and Tesira™ EX-UBT in a sleek, streamlined design, TesiraFORTÉ X is perfectly suited for modern conferencing environments, where space is at a premium.


Compact enough to be installed anywhere, including behind a wall mounted display, TesiraFORTÉ X includes 4 PoE+ network ports to connect other conferencing equipment and supports both AVB and Dante devices out of the box. The TesiraFORTÉ X series includes X400, X 800, and X 1600 models, featuring 4, 8, and 16 channels of AEC respectively, allowing the processors to support numerous digital microphones. A USB interface for audio connections to UC host devices is also included, allowing HID synchronization between Tesira and soft codec applications.


The new devices also feature Biamp Launch™, a new Biamp exclusive technology that allows devices to configure themselves.




  • Designed for modern meeting rooms with a small form factor
  • Selectable network configuration-configure any network port for Dante, AVB media, VoIP, or control traffic
  • Up to 16 channels of AEC, flexibly available across analog and digital I/O
  • USB port with support for HID synchronization with UC platforms
  • Next generation VoIP implementation
  • Support for monitoring in SageVue™
  • 2x2 analog I/O, 4 GPIO ports, 5 network ports (4 PoE+)
  • 1-touch configuration and tuning with Biamp Launch




The Automated Power of Devio Comes to Larger Spaces

Devio™ SCX is a new breed of conferencing hub that brings the simplicity and speed of Devio to larger meeting spaces. Devio's automated setup and configuration has been dramatically enhanced in the form of the new Biamp Launch feature, enabling

extraordinary audio in no time. Users simply connect their room devices and press the Launch button on the Devio unit. Devices are identified and configured with zero user interaction before automatic tuning is performed, optimizing the system's audio settings to best suit the environment. Once the programming and tuning process is completed the system produces a report, providing users with a detailed summary of system performance and room acoustic quality.

The SCX series further extends the power of Devio's automatic functions in support of a wide variety of spaces. More than just a signal processor, Devio SCX includes five network ports for connecting other Biamp network peripherals, including the TEC-X™ control pad, Parlé™ microphones, and PoE+ driven amplifiers like the AMP-450BP, along with a USB port for connections to UC host platforms, such as room systems. The USB interface also provides HID support to UC software.

Devio SCX 400 also supports up to four Parlé microphones, while the SCX 800 supports up to eight Parlé microphones for large spaces. 




  • 1-touch configuration and tuning with Biamp Launch
  • Extends Devio into medium and large meeting spaces
  • 5 network ports (4 PoE+) for Biamp device connections
  • USB port with support for HID synchronization with UC platforms
  • Devio SCX 400 / Devio SCX 800 support up to 4 or 8 Parlé microphones respectively
  • Next-generation VoIP implementation
  • Support for monitoring in SageVue