MIRA Connect ajoute une connectivité sans fil offrant plus de flexibilité dans votre salle de réunion

10 juin 2020

AVEO System's Mira Connect award-winning smart touch panel for controlling audio/visual (A/V) systems in conference rooms, huddle rooms, lecture halls, classrooms, and other spaces.  Mira Connect provides an intuitive, touch-based user interface so everyone can easily launch calls and control the equipment in the room.

The latest feature Mira Connect Me™ patent-pending touchless AV control technology extends the Mira Connect control system by allowing you to quickly and securely control your audio-visual system from your own personal smartphone, tablet, and computer adding wireless connectivity to any AV deployment. 


The easy-to-use Mira Connect Me control feature makes conference rooms more usable and encourages safe and secure collaboration. Participants who are uncomfortable using a shared touchscreen in a room, or simply want additional flexibility, can now enjoy the Mira Connect user interface securely and safely on their own devices.


Visit Mira Connect Me for more information or contact any member of the MM Technologie for more details.