mpowering Video for Every Classroom, Training Sessions, House of Worship gatherings and Communication Events

29 juin 2020

Founded in 2003, Reach Technology has focused on the lecture capture market for more than 12 years. Reach offers the most effective,easy-to use solutions for lecture capture, training recording, event recording, webcasting and more.

Reach keeps you connected:

  • Capture, stream and share
  • No reoccurring fees
  • Includes MediaCenter Pro:
    • Catalogs all content. View sessions in your archives and replay content
    • Never lose a recording - local and networked storage, redundancy
  • Compatible with Moodle and Blackboard Inc
  • Easy and quick to use, deploy and implement

Reach provides its users with comprehensive multimedia recording and streaming systems, widely used in the fields of House of Worship, Education, Healthcare, Training, and Digital Media.

  • Bee3+ All-in-One Video Production System
  • Supports the recording and streaming of two signals of your choice (2 HDMI inputs, or 1 IP camera input and 1 HDMI signal).
  • Easy touch screen navigation to manage all recording andstreaming needs.
  • Wide variety of template layouts.
  • Simultaneously live stream to Youtube, Facebook Live and CDN services.
  • Built in attenuation and gain control for perfect sound.
  • 1080p HD Recording (4K upgradeable)