New Advanced Control Pack Smart Extenders for Cisco Room Integration

7 novembre 2019
New Advanced Control Pack Smart Extenders for Cisco Room Integration


Lightware products offer seamless integration with Cisco collaboration systems through their open API software, unlocking the possibility to easily add multiport connection via a Lightware device, a smart extender or a matrix.

Built-in Control!

Most of these devices can also provide room automation for the same room application, because of our built-in Event Manager room control feature. To top it all, users can control everything from the native Cisco touch screen, where all added ports and the control options are visible and manageable.

Advanced Control Pack Devices

To further enhance and deepen this integration, Lightware has developed and released 'Plus' series of smart extender devices with Advanced Control Pack. These products are 'Cisco-friendly' smart extender variants, which carry further extra features helping their integration and use with Cisco rooms. There are also matrix switchers available with upgraded firmwares carrying the same Advanced Control Pack features.

Easy Integration with Automated Installation Script Generation

We also created an online installation script generator, the Cisco Room Configuration Wizard, which can be used to download an installation script for exactly the selected Lightware device and Cisco kit.




Three New Smart Extenders Shipping

We are glad to announce that a further three device variants with Advanced Control Pack features are now shipping: