Nouveau produits et technologie de chez BIAMP

13 février 2019
Nouveau produits et technologie de chez BIAMP

TESIRA Parlé TCM-X & TTM-X Series

The new TCM-X and TTM-X Series are the newest offerings in the
Parle™ family of Beamtracking™ mics.

  • Slim-lined design allow mics to blend into rooms where aesthetics is essential
  • Empowers users to focus on their meetings instead of worrying about how they use room technology
  • Easy to spec, install, program, and commission


The TCM-X and TTM-X product lines include two key pieces of hardware; a Beamtracking Mic and a Network Box. Designs start with a base unit SKU that includes both a mic and a Network Box. The Network Box is offered with or without a built-in amplifier. If needed, an additional mic can be attached to a single Network Box for a total of two mics per media network run. All units are powered by POE+ via the network connection.


The following new products are being added to the Parlé family

  • TCM-X - A ceiling mounted Beamtracking Mic + Network Box
  • TCM-XA - A ceiling mounted Beamtracking Mic + Network Box with a built-in amp
  • TCM-XEX - An expansion ceiling mic for a second microphone on a Network Box
  • TTM-X - A table mounted Beamtracking Microphone + Network Box
  • TTM-XEX - An expansion table mic for a second microphone on a Network Box


Each of the new microphones will support the use of 4 beams covering 360° of coverage. The TCM-X series utilizes the Beam Weighting and Mixing Intelligence features offered in the original TCM-1 series mics.


TESIRA 1200-1 & 1200-2

Tesira Series 1200 amplifiers are AVB/TSN enabled, digital networked, four-channel amplifier. These two models deliver extraordinary flexibility, the switcher will select the first source on the lowest numbered input.


Features and Benefits

  • 100% asymmetrical loading per channel
  • Selectable impedance per channel: 4Ω, 8Ω, 70V, 100V
  • Configurable media interface: support for daisy chain, network redundancy, and single cable
  • Audible locate available from the front panel
  • Auto standby mode
  • Supports delay equalization per channel
  • Supports port authentication via IEEE 802.1X
  • Configurable via Tesira software
  • Rack mountable (2RU)
  • CE marked, UL listed, and RoHS compliant
  • Covered by Biamp Systems' five-year warranty


 DESONO C-IC6 Conferencing Speaker

The C-IC6 Conferencing speaker is a 2-way passive coaxial system designed for speech and music reproduction in conferencing applications. Designed with the integrator in mind, installers have the flexibility to choose from category cable or standard speaker cable. The use of standard CAT greatly simplifies the installation. Plus, C-IC6 speakers used in conjunction with AMP-450BP and its "audio locate" feature, allow installers to validate cabling and connections with just a simple click. Speakers can be blind-mounted and feature a magnetic grill for easy toolless installation and removal. Grill plates are available in white, black or red or can be painted to match your room decor. C-IC6 speakers are the ideal choice for any space that demands superior speech reproduction.


Features and Benefits

  • Low profile passive speaker, less than 6 inches (155 mm) total depth
  • Supports both CAT cables and standard speaker wiring
  • Designed to be integrated with the AMP450BP (backpack PoE+ amplifier)
  • 8-ohm nominal impedance allows for daisy chaining
  • Bridge mounted 1-inch soft dome tweeter
  • 2-way 6.5" treated paper woofer, mechanically isolated and independent of tweeter
  • 130-degree coverage optimized for low ceilings
  • 60W with a peak power of 240W


Biamp Crowd Mics™


Crowd Mics™ is a unique audience engagement tool that puts a microphone in everyone's pocket. It enables seamless audience participation by eliminating the need to pass a microphone around the room. Crowd Mics enhances audience participation by adding a personal microphone capability to audience polling and texting questions.



  • Let the moderator know you have something to say
  • Be notified when it's your turn to speak
  • Your phone becomes your microphone
  • Submit a question via text
  • Participate in polling



  • Get notified when someone wants to talk
  • Choose from a list of named requests
  • Deactivate an attendee mic at any time
  • Create polls before your event or in real time
  • Publish results live to the room's display system


Biamp SageVue™


SageVue is a browser-based monitoring and management platform for Tesira® and Devio® devices. Deployed at the end user site, SageVue provides technology managers, integrators, and end users with a single, comprehensive overview and status of all Tesira and Devio devices connected to the network, as well as the ability to perform several administrative tasks easily and efficiently