Working remotely never sound so good!

10 août 2020
Working remotely never sound so good!

Introducing Clockaudio's USB Interface (CUI-2)

We all know that poor audio quality (lots of echo, reverb, inconsistent sound levels) can cause brain fatigue, and the "zoombies" that have emerged since COVID-19 can attest to the negative impact inferior microphones can have on the ability to communicate effectively.  
Whether you are a day-trader, yoga instructor, podcaster, gamer, or a business professional trying to conduct business as usual, in unusual times, having proper audio quality when working remotely is critical.
The CUI-2, USB Interface is fully compatible with our complete line of microphone solutions, so go ahead and choose any microphone, any switch and any configuration for any application & enjoy the flexibility the CUI-2 provides.
The CUI-2 enables you to customize your microphone solution to meet specific "Remote Warrior" needs, while maintaining the highest level of audio quality.

Key Features

  • USB Stereo Microphone Preamp Interface
  • USB Bus Powered, 24-bit / 48kHz, Plug-and-Play driverless with PC, MAC & others
  • Easy to install and mounts under desk or table with two screws
  • Low noise design, optimized for Clockaudio Microphones
  • 10-50dB Gain Control
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • Touch Switch Port for use with Clockaudio Capacitive Touch Switches
  • LED Brightness Control
  • RGB color selection for Mute and Unmute
  • Latching Mute and Push to Mute Modes
  • VU Metering for Microphone Gain Setup via TS buttons
  • Demo Mode Plays Audio Test Tone to USB Input and RGB Color Show
  • Compact Aluminum Enclosure with Flange Mounts
  • Tamper resistant front cover included
  • Optional 12V external supply

From the corner office to the home office, microphone needs and applications can vary greatly and will depend upon a few factors such as the environment (the room's acoustics), the way the meeting is being conducted, and the way that the room is being used . With the CUI-2, you can now ensure your meeting's sound integrity while configuring a customized microphone solution uniquely designed to suit you and your work environment. 


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